Advantages of the New Tipo From Italian Manufacturer Fiat

The New Fiat Tipo is turning out to be a tempting choice for consumers looking for a stylish passenger car that is very reasonably priced. This Fiat model, manufactured in Italy, is available as a sedan, a four-door hatchback and a station wagon.

An Affordable Family Vehicle

Station wagons have not been selling particularly well in North America for the past several years, but this Fiat model may convince many consumers here and on other continents to make the purchase. Buying the Tipo instead of a comparable sport utility vehicle or crossover can save a family a significant amount of money while still allowing them to enjoy having a brand new car.


As with other cars, buyers can add numerous options at an additional cost. Buyers with a limited budget may choose a car that comes standard with an air conditioner but little else in the way of frills. The flexibility of the options packages allows other consumers to add features like a leather steering wheel, a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, and automatic headlights and windshield wipers.

Standard Transmission

The Tipo is available with a six-gear shifting setup, which is mainly intended for European consumers. There, most drivers still prefer manual transmissions, in contrast with their North American counterparts. Reviews report that the clutch is easy to use, that acceleration is impressive and that shifting is smooth.

A Welcome Surprise

Authoritative automotive reviewers have called the station wagon model a welcome surprise and impressively appealing, especially for growing families without a lot of money to spend on a new car. Having two adults and two children riding in a sedan is comfortable, but adding that fifth passenger starts to cause problems. In addition, more luggage space is found in the wagon, which is important for families who want to take weekend road trips, staying overnight in lodging establishments.

The cost of the standard package or lower-priced options is a relief for people who would love to have a new vehicle without breaking the bank. They don’t feel the need for all the bells and whistles, and they mainly want a safe, reliable and comfortable ride that provides acceptable fuel economy.